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The LogicMills programme was developed by Professor Mark Nowacki. Prof. Mark Nowacki was a Child Prodigy, teaching university students marine biology at the age of 12 and writing his first book on computer database design at the age of 16. He was the strongest chess player his age in the United States when he was in his early teens. He has since gone on to publish over 20 books and for the last ten years has focused his energy on educational theory and practise.

Prof. Mark Nowacki

His daughters are Isabella Nowacki and Jeanne Nowacki. The two daughters have been raised with games running through their veins. At six, Jeanne was the charming little girl who finessed her way to the top against her dad's fellow university professors game after game. Right on her tail, Isabella (the younger sister) unnerves her competitors in strategy board games so convoluted that experienced players need a minimum of two or three hours to play.


With this said, the two Nowacki daughters have developed a passion for playing. Not just playing but developing eloquent game strategies to better understand the mechanics and skills needed to crack the games wide open.

Isabella and Jeanne have always loved and believed in the message behind the k-12 Logicmills programme, however they struggled with the bulk and the frustrations in formalities it took to get the product to other children just like them. 'Kits' is the condensed version of our K-12 Logicmills programme. It captures the games and lesson points found to be the most useful, most fun and most relevant to skills we needed today. So if you're bored of routine worksheets, drilling facts, or simply looking for a different approach to learning why not try out 'Kits'? Worst case scenario: you have fun.

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