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Blue & Red

Are you a master decoder? Break your opponent’s codes using elimination skills in this easy to learn card game

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Juice Smack

Keep the juice bowls from overflowing and avoid the rotten concoctions in this colorful and interactive strategy card game!

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Fruity Loopy

Calculate the odds and evade the wrong combinations in this fruity card game

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The Crossing

Outplay your opponents by predicting their moves and emerge victorious in this cute game of animals and furniture

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Boom! Construct your own and destroy your friend’s bases in this tile-based strategy game.

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Avoid explosions in this game of probability-crunching and forward planning.

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Poetry in Motion

Let your creative juice run wild and challenge your literary sensibilities in this fun game of words and meanings

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Lovely Landing

Front, back, left, right? Challenge your friends in this game of speed and understanding perspective

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Explore the strengths and weaknesses of various strategies in this game of dynamic decision making

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Blast Off

Identify the patterns and avoid overloading the engines in this fun, simple game of understanding and applying heuristics

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Don’t you love dinosaurs? Enjoy this cute and colorful game of pattern recognition with your friends today!

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Ants Delight

Escalate the stakes and outplay your friends by making mathematically efficient choices in this game of confectionary sweetness

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Finding Sora

This is the 'key' (No not the metal kind) to mastering ambiguity. Attempt to trick your opponents with deceiving word choice and hidden meanings.

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Run around the board collecting your dapper school of fish to go to party. Deal with probability and resource management while negotiating  with your opponents.

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Delve into deductive reasoning while finding what's behind the right hidden door.



Figure out how to connect your ends to your means and which goals you need to fulfil versus which ones you want to fulfil.



Collect tokens while learning how to identify which are important and useful while planning how to obtain the right ones.

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It's In the Details

Explore what methods of communication are most efficient and least likely to lead to confusion.


Rabbit's World

Calculate how probability affects outcomes and use that analysis to better make decisions.



Learn to think linearly and practice planning choice multiple steps into the future.

Abstract Pattern 20

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