The Mathematics Game


Deka Dice!

Pronounced "Deh-Ka" is the cutest Math blob ever to exist. He always looks a little confused and needs help forming equations. 

Deka Dice gets kids to think fast as they create number bonds on the spot. This arithmetic-centred game makes it fun to improve their mental math in an easy and playful manner.

2-10 Players

Ages 5-10

2 minutes to forever

The Language Game

For Boosting Vocabulary





Wait what?

Here's a game that pays to know weird and wacky vocabulary. In order to win, the kids have to boost their creativity, expand their jargon, and practice saying unusual words.


Just Blurt It Out! 


2-10 Players

Ages 3-18

2 minutes to forever

The Language Game

For Story Telling

It was a dark and stormy night, red strains streaked Johnathan's pale cotton shirt. His eyes were illuminated with guilt. 


He had indeed eaten the last raspberry tart.

Story Starters...Starts stories.

Use the images as visual prompts to create wondrous tales and boost their artistic self-expression.

2-10 Players

Ages 3-18

2 minutes to forever

We're wondering...

Would you be interested in a Science Game?

Tiny Tots

Give your littlest toddlers the head start in learning. 

These are the same games that teach the same life skills, but are catered to their tiny hands.


Story Starters...starts stories. 

This game utilises big, bright and bold images to get your little ones talking. It is excellent for tactile and visual learners. 

Create mystical Utopias about unicorns flying UFO's that are powered by cookies. Dive into Philip's life story as the little snail that traveled the world.

Show your little ones the art of creative story telling.

2-10 Players

Ages 1-15

2 minutes to forever

Big Dice for

Tiny Hands